Women artists are severely under represented in the art world. Female artists in 2019 was documented to only be 2% of the art market at auction houses, only 13.7% of living artists represented by galleries in Europe and North America and yet 65% of art graduates are women. I wanted to make a platform so that young female creators could have a promotion of their work. This page is dedicated to them.

Lily Pagano, Photographer

“My grandfather was a photojournalist, but I never actually met him. My father always jokingly says that I inherited the photography ‘gene’. Oddly enough I agree with him; from a young age I was always drawn to a position behind the lens.”

Charlotte Macaulay, Photographer

“It would drive me mad if my career wasn’t also my passion. I hope to be able to eventually make a career solely out of my practice and I think this takes a lot of devotion outside of regular work hours. I wouldn’t be motivated to invest as much time if I wasn’t passionate.”

Website: https://www.cmacaulay.com/

Instagram: @macaulay_charlotte

Amelie Peace, Fine Artist

“I feel like I couldn’t have done anything else. Mostly, it’s was always my first point of interest from a young age. As well as a specific teacher later on in my life who supported me and gave me all the tools I needed to be where I am now. She is the one I thank for making the decisions I have done in my professional adult life.”

Website: https://ameliepeace.com/

Instagram: @amelie_peace

Emily Davies, Photographer

“I like to capture realities as well, such as differences in culture or class. The power used through photography enables such detailed truth is something I don’t think any other medium can portray.”

Website: https://emilydaviesphotos.wixsite.com/website

Instagram: @emilycharlottedavies

Denia Abell, 3D Animator

“At first it was just a hobby as I was really into my music and was going to do that, but one thing led to another and I decided to study art as this was the only thing I could really see myself doing in the future. The idea that I could create ANYTHING I wanted, excited me a lot!”

Instagram: @3denia_

Sophia Cook Browne, Designer

“Now I design menswear, specialising in tailoring. I find one of the most exciting aspects of design is the research, and I tend to be drawn to the romance of art, literature and history as a starting point.”

Instagram: @sophiacookbrowne

https://nmwa.org/support/advocacy/get-facts/ – a source of factual information about the inequality of women in the Arts.