Young Creatives

“Through her photography she examines women’s roles in society and questions the ways in which the viewer looks at and identifies with the women she portrays…”

Women artists are severely underrepresented in the art world. Female artists in 2019 was documented to only be 2% of the art market at auction houses, only 13.7% of living artists represented by galleries in Europe and North America and yet 65% of art graduates are women. I wanted to make a platform so that young female creators could have a promotion of their work. This page is dedicated to them.

https://nmwa.org/support/advocacy/get-facts/ – a source of factual information about the inequality of women in the Arts.

Delasflores, Dj and Producer

“That is not to dismiss the existence of artists who have taken control of their sexual identity. The music industry needs to change and work hard to continue to move forward with men and womxn working together as equal.”

Instagram: @delasfloresdj

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/delasfloresdj

Alisha Dar, Photographer

“I feel lucky to live in a time where women are excelling in areas such as the arts. Nothing will stop women like me from being successful.”

Instagram: @alishadar

Website: Alishadar.com

Salam, Photographer

Salam Zaied, Photographer

“I learnt how to use my digital camera and used photography as a form of escapism. It gave me the opportunity to focus on something else and appreciate being in the moment.”

Instagram: @lensz___

Website: www.lensz.co.uk

Mia, Young Creatives

Mia Lily Johnson, Designer & Musician

“I do feel like that is changing and there are pockets of amazing communities and networks that are solely created in order to inspire, uplift and empower womxn in the creative industries.”

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mialilyjohnson

Instagram: @nuwa_ldn & @mialilyjohnson

Portrait of photographer lily pagano for my project about young female artists

Lily Pagano, Photographer

“My grandfather was a photojournalist, but I never actually met him. My father always jokingly says that I inherited the photography ‘gene’. Oddly enough I agree with him; from a young age I was always drawn to a position behind the lens.”

Nicole Chui, Artist

“I regularly get inspired by ambitious and independent womxn around me so there’s a lot more I can add to the list.”

Website: https://www.nicoleemmapearlchui.com/

Instagram: @thatsewnicole

Portrait of photographer Sade Mia for my ongoing project about young female creatives

Sade Mia Sangar, Photographer

“…being obsessed with movies. I would see cool portraits and film stills which made me want to create my own photographs.”

Instagram: @sade_mia

Portrait of photographer Charlotte Macualay for my project about young female artists

Charlotte Macaulay, Photographer

“It would drive me mad if my career wasn’t also my passion. I hope to be able to eventually make a career solely out of my practice and I think this takes a lot of devotion outside of regular work hours. I wouldn’t be motivated to invest as much time if I wasn’t passionate.”

Website: https://www.cmacaulay.com/

Instagram: @macaulay_charlotte

Portrait of artist Ameilie Peace as part of my project about young female artists

Amelie Peace, Fine Artist

“I feel like I couldn’t have done anything else. Mostly, it’s was always my first point of interest from a young age. As well as a specific teacher later on in my life who supported me and gave me all the tools I needed to be where I am now. She is the one I thank for making the decisions I have done in my professional adult life.”

Website: https://ameliepeace.com/

Instagram: @amelie_peace

Portrait of designer Sophia Browne Cooke as part of my project about young female artists

Sophia Cook Browne, Designer

“Now I design menswear, specialising in tailoring. I find one of the most exciting aspects of design is the research, and I tend to be drawn to the romance of art, literature and history as a starting point.”

Instagram: @sophiacookbrowne

Denia, Artist

Denia Abell, 3D Animator

“At first it was just a hobby as I was really into my music and was going to do that, but one thing led to another and I decided to study art as this was the only thing I could really see myself doing in the future. The idea that I could create ANYTHING I wanted, excited me a lot!”

Instagram: @3denia_

Portrait of photographer Emily Davies as part of my project about young female artists

Emily Davies, Photographer

“I like to capture realities as well, such as differences in culture or class. The power used through photography enables such detailed truth is something I don’t think any other medium can portray.”

Website: https://emilydaviesphotos.wixsite.com/website

Instagram: @emilycharlottedavies